Act to Stop the House from Repealing Mental Health Reforms in the AHCA!


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As an advocate for mental health, I am writing today to share my concerns about some new health care proposals in Congress.

The MacArthur and Upton-Long amendments do not fix the flaws of the AHCA or fix Obamacare. Instead, they roll back many protections guaranteed by current law and appropriate funding for the exact problems caused by the bill:

- Allowing states to opt-out of covering mental health and substance use disorder treatment services;
- Allowing insurers to pick and choose who they want to cover, and forcing people with pre-existing conditions to pay much more for their insurance;
- Deeply cutting Medicaid funds that have been a lifeline to people with the most serious mental illnesses;
- Creating a new "ruling class" distinction under the law by exempting Congress from any of its harmful provisions.

I urge my Member of Congress to vote against the AHCA with its newly included MacArthur and Upton-Long amendments, and to support efforts to continue to guarantee that insurance plans provide for the great coverage we were promised during the campaign affordable insurance that includes mental health coverage for prevention and early intervention services, integration of behavioral and physical care, peer-to-peer services, and recovery supports.

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